Our mission is to bring the alternative art and music scene to Tahoe, CA

501(c)(3) Nonprofit made for teens by teens with a focus on mutual aid and harm reduction

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The Aspen Collective was established in July of 2023 by founders and local high school students Eliot Lowe, Leo Murrell, and Nico Bolen. We created the idea for the collective with the intention to provide an exciting and safe space for teens as an alternative outlet to substance abuse. We quickly gained community support, and hosted our first event in August of 2023 (details below). Since the success of our first event we hosted one other concert in October, 2023 and as of the start of 2024 we received our official California tax exempt status and have raised over $15k to support our mission. We are in partnership with Tahoe Forest Hospital and the Speedy Foundation, and we are looking to collaborating with other community leaders in the near future. We have a goal to host/partake in 10 events by the end of summer 2025, and we are in progress for hosting Truckee’s first alternative music festival in May of 2025. We are currently working on expanding our outreach and team to local youth in the area, while expanding network connections and sponsorship opportunities as well. We appreciate your interest and support, thank you!

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